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Window Tinting Film Tools Magnet Ultra-fine Fiber Felt Squeegee Vinyl Car Wrap Tool Auto Sticker No Scratch Applicator


Name : Magnetic squeegee with Ultra-fine Fiber
Size : 10x7cm , 3.9” X 2.8”
Material: Plastic, Magnet, Ultra-fine Fiber cloth ,EVA Sponge
Color : green/yellow/pink
Package :
1pc x magnetic window tint squeegee

1. STRONG MAGNETIC VINYL SQUEEGEE:With two magnets on end of each squeegee. If you need your another hand in vinyl tinting and don’t want to Soil the squeegee, you can simply paste your squeegee on the car.
2. ABRASION RESISTANT,FIRMLY AND DURABLE: High quality and new plastic.
3. MICRO FIBER FELT: The felt edge makes it perfect for applying soft or textured material without risking scratches and it can be used for fitting all types of digital printed vinyls, cut vinyls,wrapping vinyls, window graphics etc.
4. DUAL EDGE DESIGN: The product can use as Scraper in the other side, it can help you squeeze the edge of the car film which can improve the paste effect. Special Design One of edge are round while another is square.
5. High -quality scraper replacement patch, with self -sticky gel, can be replaced by tearing, can be replaced at will, so that the life of the scraper will be longer, making the construction more efficient.
6. Thick material, about 1.5mm thick, ultra -fine fiber fluff material, thick fiber expansion, soft and smooth, more delicate and more smooth, reduce friction and resistance, prevent scratching the surface of the car film, no scratch mark.
7. Three fluorescent colors, high performance, beautiful color.

1. It can be used as a professional tool for car viny film wrapping , window film tinting.
2. It can also be used when sticking glass stickers or wiping, which can better drive out the bubbles generated in the film.
3. Wallpaper and beauty professional tools, beautify your walls, is a good helper for your film decoration.
4. It is well used for mobile phone and tablet film, and it is better to operate.
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Additional information

Weight 0.035 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 cm

Silica GEL


Mainland China


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